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A great way to experience one of nature's greatest treasures: Garden of the Gods!! This tour includes sights such as South and North Gateway Rocks, Kissing Camels, Three Graces, Sleeping Giant, Park Overlook, and Praying Hands. Unobscured views and a mellow pace will ensure your visit to this beautiful red rock park is memorable. Your guide will point out exotic plant life, red-tailed hawks, eagles' nests, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and of course, numerous spectacular geologic formations and the unique caricatures hidden within them. We make several short stops, but generally stay on the Segways throughout the tour. You will learn about the cultural history of the park, and hear a variety of tall tales and true stories of the Old West and Colorado Springs!! Includes Cone Zone safety training and the best guides in The West!!


* History of Garden of the Gods.
* Beautiful geologic formations to include:
        ~ South and North Gateway Rocks.
        ~ Kissing Camels.
        ~ Three Graces.
        ~ Sleeping Giant.
        ~ Park Overlook.
        ~ Praying Hands.
* Exotic plant and animal life.
* Cone Zone safety training.
* The best guides in The West!!


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